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I LOVE Triapolis Wellness and all it and Ann has to offer! It is like a sanctuary when trying to escape for a while. Love the guided meditations and the many classes offered and I always look forward to my monthly therapeutic massage!
The monthly free Reiki clinic for anyone in the community is one of its kind! I’m thankful to have found Ann and Triapolis! Thank you for all you do.  Daniela P.


5 star: My first with Reiki and I loved it. I will go again soon. The atmosphere was relaxing and the staff were so amazingly friendly. Thank you so much. T. G.


Triapolis is a wonderful, warm and welcoming place offering a great variety of wellness treatments… whether it is hypnosis, massages, reiki, acupuncture, yoga, meditations… I always leave relaxed and happy! I encourage everyone to give Triapolis a try! J.Harris


5 star – Ann is great and gives the best massages I have had! I also took a reiki class and love it. Thank you! B.Maya


Great place !
All the services are stellar…hypnosis..massage..reiki…classes…I can highly recommend them!

I love the therapeutic massage…the raindrop therapy…reflexology…and the rejuvenating facial !!! Cl.G.


I am still smoke free since my first hypnosis with Ann over 5 years ago and have never relapsed I still go to Bingo, overnight Casinos, without the least temptation. Health wise I am better than I have been for a long time before. I am so glad that God send my Angel…to assist me in stopping it!  Thank you! Chris E.


I have been to many different places over the last few years, but here with Ann at Triapolis I got by  far the best reflexology I’ve ever had. D. J. Fort Hood


I came in for a weight loss hypnosis because I was having trouble snacking throughout the day. I left my session with Ann feeling relaxed; and the next day my whole body and demeanor felt like I was a new person. I had a positive attitude and never even once felt the PMS Blues. I don’t have the urge to snack throughout the day anymore and instead staying motivated throughout the house. C.P.


My husband and I have been suffering from unexplained infertility for the past 2 yrs. We have givin up on medical treatments and started being treated by Ms. Ann Richardson with Reflexology and Reiki. We have only had 3 treatments but have already had great results. We sleep better, are very relaxed and happy; our body aches and joint pain is gone. I have not had to use an inhaler for my asthma, and we are again very exited about life and trying to conceive.Now for the first time in 2 years I have not had ovulational pains or PMS.

The Reiki has relaxed me and helped me to release my fears, anxieties, and PTSD. My friends and family have even noticed the better change in me. I feel so blessed to have met Ms. Ann and to receive treatment from her gifted hands. My hubby and I look forward to our weekly visits. Thank you Ms. Ann! J. L.


I came for some problem solving with hypnosis, and after the session I thought that I could not get anymore relaxed than that, but then having this reiki session afterwards …. Wow, I felt like I had been on a  5 year long nap. I just couldn’t believe how great I felt and still do! I’ll be back!

P. B.


My Before and After!

I had one of the “Renew U”-packages with Hypnosis and Reiki at Ann’s for my mental and physical problems with PTSD, and here is my statement:

Before:  “I was severely abused. I am a victim. The things that I have done wrong, my mistakes, can’t be helped because I was abused. I can’t change ME because I can’t change the past.”

After: “I WAS a victim – I am NOT ANYMORE!  Knowing that now, I can move forward and leave the past behind. I don’t have to feel the pain of abuse anymore. I AM HERE, I AM IN THE NOW, AND THAT’S EXACTTLY WHERE I SHOULD BE!”

Sam F.



Kim R. :

” Thank you Ann for your Reiki Level 1 class. I look forward to attending additional Reiki classes. I took your Reiki class to learn how to help others including my horses. However, what I didn’t expect was the healing that would happen for me. Through attending your class, God instilled a healing in me and helped me to find the peace that I had been searching for my entire life. I used to search for others that had it to spend time with like my Grandpa and my husband, but during my Reiki class, I found that peace within myself. What a beautiful gift from God. I also feel like my connection with God is stronger than it has EVER been in my entire life. ”

“I would like to share my experiance of having Reiki performed on me several times by Ms Ann and staff. I have had many theropy sessions for pain, from shoulders down to my feet and even more with back pain. After expericing the Reiki treetmment’s performed my Ms Ann and her staff always leaving you with a feeling like non before. To all of you out there that has great back pain or any other pain must eperiance this treetment at least once. Yeah I was scared at first but after my first session and the professional care given and concern, I will recommend Ms Ann’s business to all my friends and anyone else that I think can benifit from her service’s. You will never know unless you try. Thank’s Ann.”



22 March 2011 Ann hypnotics me to quit, after the session I gave Ann my pack of cigarettes and now one year, four months later still smoke free.

Thank you Ann.”

-David Daniels

“I have been seeing Ann regularly for the past two years. I started out wanting to lose weight, and since then I have been helped with many aspects of my life; from dealing with the lose of my sister to realizing I can look forward to retirement.”


“Just had a ME day and enjoyed a relaxing massage, hand massage, and wonderful facial. I feel less stressed and look years younger!! Thank you, Ann!”



Submitted on 2011/06/07 at 6:58 pmAnn did a great job teaching. She makes learning fun and interesting. I would like to come back for another class. Thank you! M.B.I found this Raindrop Therapy Course very interesting and effective. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to offering this therapy in my practice. B.St.I enjoyed the class very much, I learned a lot, and had a great instructor ! (Ann :)) A.A.Everything was excellent! R.L., Thanks so much, you saved my year. I’ll be back soon for more CEU’s!  Wonderful class. God bless you! C.M.I enjoy all classes taught by Ann! Very knowledgable! Great instructor! 🙂 Thanks!  R. P.Foot Reflexology w. Ann: Great presentation; learned a lot today. Loved the class! S.R. Very informative, knowledgeble, enjoyable to the last minute. M.H.. I loved the interaction with students and instructor! J.K.
About Reiki:Spirituality has always been strong in my life. Reiki has helped me bring spirituality closer to home.Reiki has helped me connect better with myself and God. I understand God to be the source of this wonderful healing energy, thatfore God became a more active presence in my life. D.N.Reiki helped me to manage my pain, and anxieties and get away from medications, enabled me to stop night mares, emotions are now more normalized, my family life is so much better now … M.W.
Reiki taught me how to stay relaxed and calm at all times instedt of blowing up or losing it emotionally, like I use to do.It also has taught me that it is ok to tap into my spiritual self without being worried about whats going to happen next. Over all receiving Reiki and taking the classes Reiki has been like a breath of fresh air to my wild and crazy life. C.B.
Before Reiki I was stressed and making life miserable for others and myself. After my fist class I felt happy, more relaxed and feeling warm in a way. Every since I have been comfortable beeing around people and happy to work with people. I felt more intune with the world around me and have felt like “Iam in this world for a reason, and I believe that reason is to help others in need.A.W.


“I did 2 tours in Iraq and was diagnosed with PTSD and was entered into a program on FT Hood where I was first introduced to Reiki. It was a very enlightening experience and then I met Ann the very next day for a massage in which she incorporated Reiki into that as well. That was the turning point in my life where I knew there was something more for me. I talked more with Ann and the next evening I was in her Reiki class and after the first meditation session I was instantly feeling the results. I am now doing Reiki on myself and others and it has been helping with my stress, emotions, pain, and family issues that I have been having for over 3 years. I owe more than I can say to Ann and I look forward to getting my Reiki II and Reiki Master in the near future so I can further pass on the teachings and the healing work to others. Thank you Ann… many Blessings to you.”

Mark Wright
From: Killeen, TX


“I met Ann by chance. I made an appointment for a massage for my girlfriend’s birthday and to discuss quitting smoking. At the time I was not aware of the spiritual journey I was about to take with Ann. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was a holistic healing center and scheduled a Reiki session with Ann. The Reiki appointment was my first time meeting Ann. During the session, Ann shared with me what she got out of the session and I realized I was meant to be there with Ann and to begin my next phase of healing. I was diagnosed with PTSD by S&W and had been in counseling for over a year with no success. I knew after my first Reiki session that this was the right path for spiritual and emotional healing. I began with a few sessions of hypnosis for emotional release and then began to take Reiki cla** as well as Healing with the Mind and Radiant Heart Healing. I was amazed at the progress I was making with Ann after such a short time. I had lost the will to live on July 30, 2006. I spent hours upon hours trying to remove the images from my mind and release the pain that I had been enduring for over 2 years with the numerous doctors at S&W. I kept explaining that I did not need pills and I understood and lived by the things they were trying to teach me in the sessions. I did not find the will to start living again until my spiritual journey with Ann began. The center offers so much more than text book psychiatry. Ann’s blessings and compassion helped me to start living again and starting to heal from the PTSD. I now am on my spiritual journey and know I am not going through it alone. Ann offers so much more than the normal business; she focuses on treating the mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend anyone that needs an uplift, massage, or spiritual guidance to spend a few sessions with Ann. I promise she will change your life as she has mine.”

Geri Jackson
From: Temple, TX


“I met Ann through the medical transcriptionist in our department. Although I am a board certified psychiatrist and medical school graduate, I’ve learned early on in life to keep an open mind and an open heart, especially when it comes to medical ailments. If one does this simple lesson, with no agenda, miracles can happen. I was devastated when I learned I likely had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formally known as RSD-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), a life disabling disorder in which the sympathetic nervous system gets intertwined with the pain pathways of the spinal nerves. Usually it happens after traumatic injuries like gunshots or car accidents, but can happen after a severe sprain. I banged up my ankle pretty bad in Iraq and the pain wouldn’t go away. In fact, it spread from my ankle, to my knee, to my groin. I kept telling the doctors it burned, but they were clueless. Finally, after imaging, they thought they knew it had to do with a dead area of bone in my ankle. After surgery, no luck, the pain came back and in the same distribution, only this time, worse! This pretty much defines RSD. I went on line and was not encouraged by what I read however Ann had already taught me Reiki level I and II, and had done several massages on me. Still, I just didn’t think Reiki could help. I finally realized I was limiting myself and especially my body by my own beliefs, because I’ve learned long ago that faith and intention are the most powerful force known to man…they rule the world. The day I accepted responsibility for my pain and acknowledged that somewhere, somehow, part of me was choosing to be in it, I affirmed I didn’t want to be in it anymore; it was just becoming unbearable. Wouldn’t you know it? Ann called me on the phone, out of the blue, two hours after I affirmed this. She did a treatment on me that day and I had an 85-90% reduction in my pain. It was a miracle. I never thought I would walk normal again. I have such hope. It’s been several weeks and going strong. Thank you Ann. What a gift it is to know you! To all those who have disorders like this one, don’t give up! There is hope! No mater how bad the disease, if you believe and let Ann open the door for you, miracles will happen!”

Marie Sprague, D.O.
From: Fort Hood, Texas


“Just want to say thank you! My husband seen you three years ago and stopped smoking. What a blessing! He had an other session for weight loss and is doing well with his weight control.

From: Texas


“I have known Ann for a while and I have experienced wonderful sessions with her.
I have tried massage, hypnosis, raindrop therapy and reflexology ! She is wonderful and highly trained!
We`ve also had great classes together !
I can only tell you : come and experience it for yourself !!!”

From: Copperas Cove


“I have had the pleasure and honor to work with, get to know and be taught by “Miss Ann”. I met Miss Ann several years ago, early 90’s when she came into a shop that I worked at. She started telling me about a cla**he was having on “Gemstones”. Even though I didn’t go to the class, we would run into each other often. She talked me into coming to see her for a massage, my “first ever”. I didn’t know what to expect, but afterwards, I was so relaxed and my mind was clear for the first time in months. One day I had just moved into a new appartment when I noticed a new business opening. I saw that the sign said “Amethyst” and went in. Who was there? Miss Ann of course.

I eventually started working for Ann 2 days a week, just helping with small things and eventually became her “Right and Left Hand” as she would call it. We would talk about several things, she told me about Reiki and that I should take the class. I did and I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Ann has a presence about her that makes everyone feel special and loved. You can’t help but be in a good or relaxed mood around her. Those of us that have attended one of the Reiki Exchanges or Retreats will tell you that she is full of surprises and her laugh is so contagious at times that we all burst out laughing. I find “Miss Ann” to be a great friend, confidant and teacher. As she has been refered to on several occasions, Ann is truly an ‘ANGEL’. ”

From: Harker Heights

“I met Ann the first time in August 2006 for a hypnosis appointment. I wanted to stop smoking and after trying many things to quit I wanted to give it a try with hypnosis. I went for two more hypnosis treatments and even though I didn’t completly quit smoking I reduced it immensly and I don’t smoke in the house anymore. During the same time, I also went for infertility treatment in San Antonio which was very stressful. After many tests I was diagnosed with diminished ovarion reserve and was told the only option for me was to have an egg donor. I was devastated. I told Ann about trying to have a child and she told me about Foot Reflexology. I had nothing to loose and went for a treatment. It was very relaxing. During the same time I went to get a second opinion on the diagnosis. I had a another test done and the results were great. Never would I have such results, as the doctors in San Antonio predicted. After having such good results the doctor went ahead with the the treatment and scheduled me for an artificial insemination in December. I made two more appointments with Ann for Foot Reflexology and we timed them with my treatment. On Christmas Eve I made a pregnancy test and to my biggest surprise it was Positive. It was confirmed a of couple days later by the doctor. No one had thought that it would work the first time especially after such a poor prognosis. I believe that the reflexology had something to do with it. Thank you so much Ann, you have changed my life. I will continue to see Ann for reflexology and other treatments.”

From: Copperas Cove


“Ann and I have been friends and co-workers for a number of years now. She has an awesome healing touch and I’ve always enjoyed and benefited from her massages and body therapies. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m undergoing chemotherapy. Before my first chemo I was stressing and worried about the treatment and all the side effects so I called Ann for a hypnosis session. Through hypnosis I was able to de-stress and get through this most difficult time with minimal side effects. I’ve done meditation for years but this was my first experience with hypnosis. I would highly recommend it for anyone undergoing chemotherapy or any other serious medical problem. Thank you Ann, you’ve helped me immensely.”

Charlene Mickan
From: Copperas Cove


“I started seeing Ann a couple of months ago. I have been to her for hypnotherapy and massage. With hypnosis, I was able to lose a BUNCH of weight, which I am continuing to lose and keep off, also raised my self-esteem immensely. I have back problems and have suffered from debilitating pain for the last 7 years. Thanks to Ann’s raindrop therapy, which I have only done twice, my pain has almost been non-existant over the last month or so. It is SO nice to be free from pain medication. I have also had reflexology done, which is very relaxing and beneficial. Ann’s treatments have been more effective for me than acupuncture, and as long as I am in the Killeen/Cove area, I will be a client. Thank you, Ann, I can never repay you for what you have done.”

From: Killeen


“Even though I have seen Ann only twice, I would like to share what a difference her Massage Therapy has made with my back pain. Despite Physical Therapy my back pain was not getting much better. I decided to make an appointment with Ann and I have to tell you that I feel so much better after only two visit with her. She is a wonderful individual and has such a calming effect on me. I can only recommend her Therapy and I know I will continue to see her on a regular basis.”

From: Kempner

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